The Future of TV?

The Future of TV?

The Future of TV?

No not Peter Marshall…(or maybe he is)…but I mean local TV in general.

Yesterday, the first of a new breed of local TV stations was launched – Estuary TV – for Lincolnshire and Humberside, and it’s the first station of it’s kind, broadcasting on Freeview channel 8 in that region. As Fossgate Studios we were lucky enough to be invited to the launch event at the Grimsby Institute. Who turns down free champagne and vol au vons? Not us that’s for sure!

We were there though because we’ve been asked to produce regular VTs for the weekly magazine programme That Friday Show and in the last couple of weeks we’ve been out and about in local tourism spots to film some “what’s on” style bits and pieces. It’s great to be involved at the birth of the new Local TV revolution and fantastic to have attended such an exciting event and meet some really passionate people.

Seperate to our input as Fossgate Studios, Peter has also presented a series of TV shows called Voxx that began airing at 6:50pm last night. The BBC has described it as “a lively and slightly cheesy magazine show in which host Peter Marshall talks to teenagers about hobbies like flying, boxing and motorcycling.” Peter Marshall…Cheesy….Never! He’d never pose for a photo in front of himself being broadcast on the telly. Nope.

Closer to home for us being York it’s exciting to read the news that the York local TV licence has been granted today to a consortium headed up by One and Other:

That’s going to be fantastic for the York community and a big congratulations to everyone involved in that bid.

The future of TV is here, and the future is local folks!


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