Office Party!

PMATL…What The Hell? Pt 183: The Whippet Inn, York – Tues 10th December 2013

For our penultimate gig in 2013, we were forced to play for Peter’s drunken work colleagues.  When I say forced, I mean that they asked us to play for them.  When I say asked, I mean they won us in a charity auction.  Yes.  That is a fact.

A few weeks back we put ourselves forward as a potential prize in a work based charity auction.  And when I put ourselves forward, I don’t mean in a “win us as escorts for the night” type way.  That would have been not only hideous, but also unlikely to raise any money for charity.  No, what we actually said was, “if you bid for us and win, we’ll come and play a gig for you at your team meeting”.  What we didn’t expect though was for Peter’s Head of Department to win the bid, and for us to have to perform at his own Christmas Office Party.

It could’ve been very cringy.  Put Pete wrote a new song based on CheatBeat/NatChat full of team in jokes that had every one howling and wanting an encore.  I joined in with gusto despite not getting any of the jokes.  We also did a few old faves and belted them out despite my seasonal sore throat.

Anyway – it was for charity.  The season of good will and all that.

And we still didn’t perform December Days.  With just one gig left this year, is it likely to get an airing?  We’ll tell you in the next update.

Let the Lomo love-in Begin…


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