Christmas Pants

PMATL…What The Hell? Pt 184: Vanity, York – Fri 13th December 2013

For the final gig of 2013 it was our second gig on that trot that was not only an office Xmas party, but that had also come about as a result of being bid for in a charity auction.  This time, at 6pm on a Friday, in a little nightclub called Vanity.  Roughly 25 people gathered round to witness our shtick.  It was the first time we’d ever performed in front of a mirror which was a little weird.  I say performed in front of; we didn’t actually it whilst performing.  Well, we did at one point, just to have a look at ourselves out of intrigue not vanity.  (The irony being the name of the nightclub of course.)

At the end one lady asked if she could book us for her wedding.  The only thing being that the wedding is not until 2020 and she isn’t engaged yet.  When she first approached us her opening gambit was “I’m not engaged yet…” which initially prompted us to thing that this might be the first ever post-gig PMATL proposal. 

 In other news, I forgot to mention the other day another PMATL first had happened in our previous gig: we had knickers thrown at us.  The pic here is just an example of one of said items.  Eat that Tom Jones!

2013-12-18 22.38.29

 And finally, we’ve finished re-releasing the Ramshackle years.  Below is a playlist of every episode to enjoy and share.  The results of when you give two idiots a Super 8 camera and say “document the first 4 years of your band”.  Here it is:

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