Warming Up


PMATL…What the hell? Part 185: Cityscreen Basement York – 23rd January 2014

What better way to warm up the January blues than to take part in an exciting line-up at Cityscreen Basement in York?  As it turns out it’s almost exactly a year ago that we last played there, which will forever be remembered by us for going into the soundcheck in the cold, and coming out in the snow; as depicted in this episode of Ramshackle:


This year there was less of the extreme weather conditions, but no less quality in the line-up for this charity event supporting Oxfam.  We were first on (hence the title of this blog which I suppose is also a reference to inclement weather…gosh we’re clever!) and were followed by local band Hoogerland, Sheffield based Weekend Kicks and then headliners Dream of Apollo.  All of the above stormed it (apart from us…gosh we’re modest) and if you’re ever in the area I suggest you check them (and us) all out.

(Over and) Out!

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