Ramshackle Remastered

Got a spare 20 mins, these 3 vids need your help…

I’ll explain.

In 2009, the journey of Peter Marshall and The Lomos began, and just a few months later, Ramshackle: A Comedy-Pop Diary, was born out of a desire to create a whimsical video blog of the journey of our band, and as an outlet to thrust our stupid little songs on the world.

Just before Christmas 2013 we did some tiny tweaks to a couple of episodes of Ramshackle, as the journey of this comedy-pop video diary came to end due to moving on to some new projects (producing VTs for Estuary TV and post-production on our first feature film Transatlantic Smash). Unfortunately, with these being new uploads, and us not really plugging them, they are now the lost children of this here web-series. Therefore, we’ve put them in an extra special playlist just for you!

If just 50 of you watch these 3 short clips back to back – and we promise you it won’t be too arduous – then they’ll no longer be the runts of the litter.

The only alternative is for Pete and I to watch them over and over again. As if we haven’t done that enough already.

We think you’ll find them daft enough to help fill a gap before our feature film (which is a damn sight less ramshackle than this) get’s released in a few months time. Who knows, you might even enjoy the clips enough to share them. Or if you’ve never seen an episode before, it might spur you on to watch a whole load more. (At which point these might become the runts again. A trio of runts. Yes that’s not a typo.)

Let the Lomo love-in begin…

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