It’s a Wrap

It's a Wrap

For the last few weeks we’ve returned to production on Transatlantic Smash to film a series of pick-ups. These were mainly additional scenes or cutaways that we felt were missing from the first round of filming last year, but there was also a reshoot of one scene that we now felt needed to take place in different location.

So on Saturday evening, with the spring sun setting over the River Ouse we filmed our very last shot of the movie. (It’s not the actual last scene of the film, but very near to it.) And it was a great feeling to finally be able to say that we’ve wrapped.

This final scene was featuring Peter and Lucy and we were immediately joined by some friendly passers by who thought they’d join in our festivities. I won’t reveal all here because I actually had the camera rolling still so I’m certain that it will end up in the out takes. But let’s just say: the man had an impressive beard. Which considering that an underlying theme of the film is beard envy, it was a fitting way to celebrate wrapping proceedings; with a random man with a strong beard.

Then it was back to to continue celebrations with a mug of strong tea. (See attached selfie.)

We didn’t stop there though, following some hastily chomped pizza, it was on to Bradford University for a PMATL gig.

PMATL…What the Hell? Part 186: Bradford University – Sat 29th March 2014

We stopped on the way to pick up fellow York comedian Simon D Heaven, and then we were Bradford bound. Our first gig for 2 months; we were unsure how polished we would be. But what the hell? This is PMATL. We’re not meant to be polished right?!

All things considered, I think we were better than we thought we’d be. And the crowd seemed to be in to it. But the highlight for us was the banter with one section of the audience – and one man from that group in particular. Why was the banter good with him? Well, he had a beard so strong that a viking couldn’t trim it with an axe!

So another good beard based day in the life of PMATL.

Now stop distracting me! I must carry on editing this film!


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