Film Night

Friday night has always been film night for me, but tonight’s is going to have a big difference. Tonight a small posse of people from Transatlantic Smash are coming round to watch the rough edit of our own feature film!

There will be Pete, our producer Steve, James Christopher and Nathan Hudson. James and Nathan play characters in the film and have also co-written it with me and Pete. So we’ll have four fifths of the writers in attendance (Andrew Melladay is the fifth writer unable to attend tonight), as well as directors and producer. I’ve been working on the edit since last October, alongside the soundtrack and pick-ups shots and I’m therefore fully immersed in the world of this movie. As a result I feel like I’ve run out of objectivity for a lot of the scenes due to having watched them so many times. So the purpose of tonight is to watch the cut as it currently stands and give me feedback: What works and what doesn’t.

It’s pretty scary really. I’ve shown the odd clip to people but never and end to end viewing. But this is an essential part of the process to ensure that the final cut that we screen in a few weeks time is as good as can be. And when you’re working with a comedy format, you can’t afford to have unnecessary bits. Tonight should hopefully help me reduce the flab.

Those of you concentrating in the last paragraph will have noticed that I said “a few weeks time”. Yes – you read that right. We’re in the home straight now. We’re building towards the very first screening at The Little Festival of Everything in Coxworld, North Yorkshire, on Friday 9th May followed by the official cast/crew/VIP premiere dual screening event at 1331 in York on Sunday 11th May. That’s just two weeks away.


If I’m honest, the test screening tonight has come a bit too late in the day. There’s no time from reshoots and pick-ups now. It’s this or nothing. So the key feedback tonight will be about structure, pacing, length, and then the odd post-production tweak. Ideally I should have done this before I got too heavily into post-production. But there you go. I like a tight deadline! I like a challenge!

So, not long now until this little film that we’ve been working on for a year is released out into the world! So in the meantime, we thought we’d tease you with this little performance clip of the song that underpins the whole storyline.


And whilst you’re munching on popcorn and watching a major blockbuster tonight, just think, you might soon be watching Transatlantic Smash! The world’s first found footage musical.


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