On The Big Screen

On The Big Screen

Last night we took our freshly completed movie – Transatlantic Smash – to the Little Festival of Everything at Coxwold and screened it for the very first time. It’s a strange feeling letting something like this out into the wild (not that Coxwold is teaming with lions and tigers but you get my point) having channeled so much of our’s and other people’s efforts into this project over the period of a whole year. Having seen the film what seems like a million times already it’s both a nerve-wracking but also exhilarating experience watching strangers watch your film for the first time. Which jokes would get the best laughs? Would it get any laughs at all? Why indeed would someone give up an hour and a half of their lives to sit through something made by people they don’t know?

The heightened emotions of the situations soon started to relax once we heard the first few chuckles and could see people smiling. And the beautiful setting of The View room at the Fauconberg Arms also helped me chill out a bit. I must also give credit to the excellent pint of Love Muscle (yes that is a real beer) that I celebrated with.

We got some nice feedback afterwards and it was interesting to hear the answers that people gave when we asked what their favourite bits were. It wasn’t always what we expected, but thankfully none of it worrying.

This sets us up nicely for our VIP event at 1331 York on Sunday where we’ll be hosting 2 screenings.

Having finally relaxed after the screening, and for the first time in about 2 months, we were able to enjoy a range of performances from musicians and poets at the festival, and then later that evening we performed our own PMATL set.


Cosy says "relax"

PMATL…What The Hell Pt 188 – Little Festival of Everything – Fauconberg Arms, Coxwold – Fri 9th May 2014

We’d played this venue back in November and it was a pleasure to be invited back by Alex from the Flanagan Collective for this wonderful little festival. If I’m honest we were a little rusty, but we gave it beans to a busy front room of the pub and seemed to get people on side. I think the euphoria of finishing our film probably helped carry us because after the efforts spent over the last few weeks to finish the film, I’m not quite sure where the energy came from. Maybe it was the Fauconberg Arms special Fish & Chips. Either way, it wrapped up a great evening for us.

Let the Lomo love-in begin…

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    It’s 5 years since we premiered Fossgate Studios movie Transatlantic Smash. So to celebrate, here’s the latest Soldiers of Hell podcast where we discuss our memories of the Found Footage Rockumentary (a sub-genre we saying we invented), play some of the tunes and clips from the film, discuss how Beard Envy has entered the zeitgeist (of at least our circle of friends) and chat to co-director Peter Marshall and producer Steve Shooter.

    Watch the complete movie of Transatlantic Smash here: https://youtu.be/h1aZOUAcx_8

    Don’t forget to subscribe to us on Anchor and other good podcast services here: https://anchor.fm/soh

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