Very Important People


When you’re slogging away at the boring bits required to complete a film it’s easy to question why you even bother. The long hours needed to finish a movie can feel pretty unrewarding, but last night we were able to finally enjoy the experience of watching our finished film with others.  We held 2 VIP screenings at 1331 in York for cast, crew, investors, friends and family.

I was pretty nervous beforehand.  Things like organisational logistics, technical details, and the fear that nobody would enjoy it, played on mind.  But then I remembered that everyone in the audience was here to support the film and I began to relax.  When the credits rolled and the cinema applauded I felt pretty proud.  Then we had beer, handshakes and hugs and happiness.  Yep, it was worth it after all.

Pete, Steve and I chatted in the bar later and we agreed that we were pretty chuffed with the results.  We’re gonna take a couple of weeks off and then start planning the next steps which will inevitably contain more screenings, merchandise and perk fulfillment for investors, distribution, and possibly festivals.  But that can wait for another day. Today is a day to smile and relax.

Massive thanks must go to everyone who contributed to the making of our silly little movie Transatlantic Smash. We couldn’t have done it without you and it was a million times better for having you onboard. You’re all stars.

One last thing which you won’t necessarily know unless you’ve seen the film or our teaser vid, but the plot of Transatlantic Smash surrounds a band entering a song called BEARD ENVY into a talent contest in reaction to watching a certain European music competition. When we wrote and filmed that over a year ago, there is no possible way we could have known that Austria would win the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with a song performed by bearded lady literally the night before our film was screened. Now the whole of Europe has beard envy and that, my friends, is pretty spooky.


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