Welcome to the Yorkiverse

In our first ever feature film – Transatlantic Smash – we introduce the world to the concept of the Yorkiverse.

This is our fictional version of York (and surrounding area) where elements of reality blend in. Like having a character called Peter Marshall based on an individual called Peter Marshall for example. The concept of blurring reality and fiction in our videos we first introduced a long time ago in the early episodes of Ramshackle. So now it seems to make sense to start mixing everything up.

Every man and his Marvel seem to be doing joined up movie universes these days and if you can’t beat em, join em. Therefore we’re announcing that all of our Fossgate Studios content to date now resides somewhere in the Yorkiverse. Unfortunately if you watch #Ramshackle before you watch Transatlantic Smash, it quite frankly makes no sense continuity-wise because both of these show a different fictional version of the genesis of PMATL. The alternative option we have is to say that Transatlantic Smash is the prequel to #Ramshackle. But if we do that there’s more continuity errors in there than Neighbours had actors playing Lucy Robinson.

So what to do? We could do a typical comic book thing of saying that they exist in alternate realities/dimensions. But instead I think what we’ll do is ret-con it all at some point in the future. If you’ve never heard of ret-conning, it’s another common comic-book turn of phrase which stands for retro-continuity…oh why am I telling you this? You’re obviously nowhere near geeky enough to be reading this blog.

Stop reading and start watching.

Click here to visit the Yorkiverse

Transatlantic Smash (and the Yorkiverse) is coming soon….


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