Transatlantic Fans

Ey up there. It’s Lomo 1 here (Peter Michael Gerald Marshall.) I present a little telly show on Estuary TV called Voxx.  I’m pretty proud of it and some of the stuff we produced looks damned good an all.

Thing is, with it going out on a local tv channel I was never really too sure how far reaching its audience was, aside from the college kids who came along to the studio on the days of the shoot. I certainly never thought many people outside of Lincolnshire (apart from me mum..and Lomo 2, who I force to watch ALL of my “creative” output whether he likes it or not) would have seen it.
Until yesterday. That’s when a lovely chap called Brandon got in touch. Brandon. There’s probably not many Brandon’s in Grimsby! He’d sent a message to the Peter Marshall and The Lomos facebook page that said this:-

“Hi, My girlfriend is obsessed with VOX and your accent, if you could do a video saying something along the lines of ‘Hello Meg Green, you’re watching VOX’. I’d probably be owed eternal favours and she would go nuts.”

Peter Marshall and the Lomos don’t get many messages on facebook. Or anywhere. And when we do, they’re usually along the lines of, “Do you know any proper songs??”, so this was pretty exciting to be fair. An international fan…in a way… (of my accent)
Turns out Brandon (and I assume Meg) live in California. IN AMERICA, YEAH?! So Voxx is, it seems, a global hit!
Sure, Brandon had missed off the second ‘x’ from the title name, but how could I refuse such a request. So, with a little help from Lomo 2 (who else) we made Meg this little vid.

Who’d have thought that this high-pitched northern accent could be appreciated over the pond so fondly? Not me!

Speaking of all things transatlantic – have you watched our brand new feature film Transatlantic Smash yet?  Why not treat yourself to a viewing this weekend by clicking on our little cheeky faces below…

T Smash Poster


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