78 – TV Entertainment Pilot

It’s only just occurred to us recently that Fossgate Studios is 10 years old.  We were probably in denial, over the fact that our mid-twenties were such a long time ago.

Anyway, to honour it we’ve uploaded the above video which was originally broadcast on the long forgotten York TV.  This TV show called 78 was an entertainment pilot co-presented by none other than our very own Peter Marshall – although he wasn’t ours back then.  Fossgate Studios was founded by Spencer Vale and Jack Binks ahead of making the Comedy Festival documentary and it was the former that was interviewed, by Peter and Benn Cordrey in this pilot episode of 78, about the production house whilst Jack wielded the camera.

Who was to know that 10 years on we’d be releasing our first feature film – Transatlantic Smash – with Spencer, Peter and Benn all in starring roles.  78 is the true genesis and through Benn’s unexpected name-slip would lead to the Transatlantic Smash character Spencer Wheels.

History lesson over.  Enjoy the future of Fossgate Studios.


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