January 2013 – Spencer Vale, Peter Marshall and Steve Shooter met in the Black Swan pub in York to discuss the idea of making a PMATL feature film.  We then spent the next year or so having a ridiculous amount fun with a bunch of incredible people, making what became Transatlantic Smash. Having screened it and distributed DVDs in 2014, we’ve now released it on YouTube for free and hope you enjoy it even a fraction as much as we enjoyed making it:

2015-03-27 22.29.14

The film is partially based on the comedy novel What’s The Deal With Europe? by Spencer Vale and Andrew Melladay available now from Lulu.com.

The soundtrack is available to download from Bandcamp.com.

You can watch the trailers, behind the scenes diary and music videos on youtube also.


Transatlantic Smash

24 thoughts on “Transatlantic Smash

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