Arts Attack

PMATL…What the Hell? Part 198: Seven Arts, Leeds – Fri 12th June 2015

We’ve been here a few times before.  Seven Arts in Leeds that is. Not 7 times yet though I don’t think.  When we’ve gigged here 7 times you’ll be the first to know because we’ll definitely write a blog about it. Gigging at 7 Arts 7 Times it will be called. But we’re not there yet. I think we’ve established that. So the title of this blog really should be Gigging at 7 Arts Roughly 3-4 Times-ish.

This time we were part of a themed line-up celebrating great British duos. Now I know what you’re thinking. Nope, I don’t think PMATL have been called great before. Odd maybe. Or slightly awkward. Or marmite. But not great. But not that a slightly misleading description is a showstopper. Heck – the first band on had 4 members. How’s about that for sticking it to the man?

Anyway…when it came to our performance…guess what…we (un)expectedly rusty. (And professional.) But we had a laugh so that’s what counts.


You’d have expected the paying audience to have a chuckle too?


Maybe they did. I couldn’t see (hear) them.

First time out for my newly customised (by my 4 year old daughter) keyboard as well. That got a laugh at least. From the soundman.


Btw…we actually filmed the Yorkovision scene from Transatlantic Smash one of the previous times we played at 7 Arts. Here’s BEARD ENVY from said scene:


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