NatChat (A Nattering Chattering Song)

The video you’re about to see is straight from the Fossgate Studios archives. We’d like to say it’s a new one but right at the start of the Cordrey and Marshall preamble we quickly establish that this is Christmas 2006.  Even if you miss that, the age of the clip should be evident from their outfits I suppose.  Although you’d hard pressed not to think this was Christmas 1976.  Was that Slade I just saw pop up in the background.

Anyway, this is an important clip as one could argue that the song herein is the very first PMATL number ever written: NatChat (A Nattering Chattering Song).  Yep, this is the one that started it all.  Just you remember to tell your grandchildren that you were there. (Or that you saw it on YouTube after the event at least.

Here they are…Cordrey and Marshall!

The song is also available to download on the very first PMATL EP: An Audience With The Lomos.


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