24th July 2015 marked the opening day of The Great Yorkshire Fringe:  York’s brand new 10 day comedy extravaganza.  The last time York had its own comedy festival was 11 years ago back in 2004.  To give that some context in terms of how long ago that was, YouTube didn’t even exist back then. But that didn’t stop Fossgate Studios making a documentary film about the event. (The York Comedy Festival that is…not the birth of YouTube.) In fact, this documentary was the first ever Fossgate Studios film.  We even ask the question at the end of the film: will there be another York Comedy Festival?

So as Yorkies can now continue to laugh solidly at the Great Yorkshire Fringe, why not treat yourself to a blast from York’s comedy festival past; ironically now also available to watch on the subsequently invented YouTube thingy that you might have heard of.


What happened when York last had a Comedy Fringe?

3 thoughts on “What happened when York last had a Comedy Fringe?

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