A PMATL Tale of 2 Cities – Part 2 – 200 is a special number

Today we’re taking a brief departure from our serialisation of What’s The Deal With Europe?  (The novel that inspired the comedy movie Transatlantic Smash.)  This is so that we can blog about the real band PMATL.

PMATL…What the Hell? Part 200: The Palm House, Sefton Park, Liverpool – Sat 1st August 2015

So whilst Lomo 1 was fronting a full band, Lomo 2 was going solo for one night only.  In fact the first time ever.

Being asked to be a best man is a great honour.  But when you’re known for doing musical comedy – how could you possibly do a best man’s speech without writing and performing a special song for the occasion?  And how could you smuggle a keyboard into the wedding without spoiling the surprise?

Well this is what the internet was invented for!  Hands up who knew there was such a thing as a roll up keyboard?  Well you do now.


Lomo 2 had the above beast placed under his chair before the speech ready to roll out when the time was right.

In true panto style, when the time was right: “How am I possibly going to perform a song to you?” he asked everyone at the wedding.  And with that he unraveled the keyboard before their eyes saying the words “no jokes about the size of my organ”.

Gig 200

It seemed to go pretty well.  So what better way to enjoy the official 200th PMATL gig than by celebrating the wedding of friends.  (It definitely counts as a gig!)

So 200 gigs later and our blogging catchphrase means more than ever before: Let The Lomo Love-in Begin

“Celebrate this time with your friends.  Don’t let this song be the end, of every plan or idea that you have inside.  Send these thoughts with love and you’ll know, that there’s a place they can grow.  Share the love and you’ll be a Lomo.”


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