Publisher admits it’s running out of Mr Men ideas

After 44 years, publishers of the Mr Men books created by Roger Hargreaves, have admitted that they are running out of ideas for new characters. Hargreaves beloved series of children’s books, famous for characters like Mr Bump, Mr Greedy and Little Miss Naughty have successfully charmed generations of kids for decades. However it’s becoming increasingly difficult for their continuation authors to find original characteristics for new Mr Men and sales of the latest books have shown that children aren’t connecting with them.

A spokesperson for the publisher readily admits that the last few books haven’t been up to Roger Hargreaves high standards.

“It’s fair to say Mr Unemployed wasn’t our best work.  We’ve struggled for ideas of late,” the spokesman stated, whilst holding up a copy of Little Miss Tinder.  He refused to comment when it was suggested that some of the more recent characters, Mr Bean and Mr Muscle, were a tad familiar.  These could be a reason for sales taking a tumble.


Mr Tumble

Critics have slammed the most recent addition to the series Mr Loverman, stating its unsuitability for young children.  One parent we interviewed took particular issue with the book: “I’ve no problem with the story really.  It’s just that I’d rather not be reminded of the music of Shabba Ranks.”


Rumours that this is based on Shaman song Ebenezer Good are unconfirmed

Mr Maker, Little Miss Dynamite and Little Miss Little Mix are released later this month.


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