Friday is the new Friday

According to a new UK survey, 89% of adults believe that Friday is as popular as the 5th day of the week. 

The is the first time since the late 90s that Friday has come out on top of the annual poll.  The survey was commissioned by the government in 1997 when it first came to their attention that Thursday was the new Friday. 

Experts believe that the nation’s change in attitude towards the days of the week was triggered by two events.  The first was the famous Friday where Tony Blair didn’t bother to do any real work and invited all his celebrity mates round to 10 Downing Street for a massive house party.  The second was the demise of BBC’s flagship Saturday night TV show Noel’s House Party.

“Big Tony B was evidently more popular than Noel Edmonds,” said one sociologist.  “And if the Prime Minister says that it’s ok to down tools on a Friday and have a massive piss up round your house, then who were we to argue?”


Noel meets a really irritating man. And Noel with Mr Blobby.

This change in British opinion is believed to have sent Chris Evans off the rails when Channel 4 producers tried to change the title of his show to TFI Thursday.

Over the last 18 years the Friday feeling has gradually moved further and further forward in the week, as 9-5 workers look to start their weekend anticipation earlier.  For a brief period in October 2006, Monday was known as the new Friday.  This meant that the Feel Good Friday feeling was actually the same thing as a Blue Monday; prompting New Order to remix their classic track.


New Order's Feel Good Friday artwork from their 2006 remix.

Some confusion followed in subsequent years where Sunday, and more recently Saturday, where known as the new Friday. The standard Friday small talk phrases like “plans for the weekend?” no longer made sense as people were unsure whether one was asking about the current or the weekend one week hence.

Thankfully it seems that we’ve finally come full circle and Friday is now the new Friday; a phenomenon that the agency behind the latest government survey are attributing to Chris Evans recent TFI Friday special.


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