#OneDirection decide to go in four different directions

British boyband One Direction, affectionately known as 1D to their fans, have decided to go in four different directions.  This follows the 5th member of the original lineup, Zayn Malik, charting his own path earlier this year.

Known for their high energy pop tunes and catchy choruses, the band are hugely popular the world over prompting comparisons in some factions with The Beatles.  The main difference between the two acts though,  is that all of the latter were proficient with a map and compass.  In fact Beatles drummer Ringo Starr still takes part in orienteering competitions at the age of 73; although it is believed that if you ask him to navigate anywhere other than the Island of Sodor he struggles to get his bearings.

It is this lack of bearings that has been the downfall of One Direction.  On their way to an MTV performance in LA to promote their new single, all four of the remaining members of the boyband manage to board different planes. 

“I thought the gig was in San Francisco said Louis,” obviously confused without his band mates to share a latte with in the airport lounge.  At least he was in the correct American state.

Liam had boarded a plane to Las Vegas and Harry was on a flight to Hong Kong.  Only Niall had headed in the correct direction and had arrived safely in LA.  This however was a stroke of luck as his band members often joke that he always turns left when leaving a building as default.

“We’ll get through this,” said Niall. “We’ve been through worse.  Like that time I got left behind at Ferrybridge Services because I turned left out of the toilets rather than right.”

A spokesperson for the band said that the different directions is is a temporary set back and the boys will be back going one direction soon.  Whether that is true only time will tell, but it is believed that all 4 members of the band failed their Geography GCSEs.


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