#York band unintentionally make e-cigarettes #sexy

A York pop-duo called Peter Marshall & The Lomos (PMATL) have been attributed with the unfortunate mantle of popularising the current e-cigarette craze despite neither band member being addicted to nicotine.  The water-vapour based alternative to tobacco his seen huge growth in sales in the last few years, which industry experts are now attributing to the arrival of PMATL in the popular music scene.

“It’s bonkers,” said lead singer and non-smoker Peter Marshall.  “I have never put one of those things in my mouth and neither has Lomo 2 as far as I know.”

Further research has revealed that people have been mistaking e-cigarettes for kazoos; a novelty wind instrument that PMATL have been known to play in some of their songs.

“I once played kazoo in an episode of our video diary: Ramshackle,” said Lomo 2 aka Spencer Wheels, “and I think people just got the wrong end of the stick…almost literally.”

Kazoo 1

Lomo 2 (right) is not smoking an e-cigarette.

After suggesting to Peter that kazoos and e-cigarettes look similar, he had this to say: “I’ve been seeing more and more people walking round town with kazoos in their mouths.  At least I thought I had.”

The band are considering dropping the use of kazoos from their act altogether as they don’t wish to be the cause of people taking up smoking, even if indirectly.

You might never see the likes of this again.

You might never see the likes of this again.

“I thought it was odd that our groupies were calling themselves vape girls on Instagram and the like,” said Lomo 2.

“If we’re not making kazoos popular then what is the blinking point?” added Peter who plays kazoo in the climax to their anthemic hit Let The Lomo Love-in Begin.

The band refused to confirm or deny rumours that they’ve cancelled all wind instrument session musicians for the recording of their next album.  But sources close to the band say that they are hastily researching all instruments on Google Images to tell if they look like a smoking device or not.

Not a bong

Not a bong


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