Has #bunting gone too far?


Elephant lovers everywhere are up in arms today as it was discovered that someone had made bunting out of the hide of Elmer.

“I’d already been thinking that the craze for hanging up bunting had gone too far,” said Lucy Hoddle from Wetherby, a fan of the colourful children’s elephant. “But now this has to stop!”

It’s unclear who has made the bunting in question but Elmer fans are speculating that it’s because there is so much decorative cloth hanging up around the country already, that vintage fans are now reverting to anything they can get their hands on.

One outraged man blamed the Great British Bake Off for the increase in bunting popularity.  Another man that we spoke to was quick to point the finger at the number of cycle races since the Tour de France came to the UK in 2014.  Whatever the reason though, it’s got people wondering what’s next.

“I’m scared to walk down the street now in case I find more of my favourite characters strung up between lamp posts,” said Lucy.  “Am I going to see a Peter Rabbit toy devoid of stuffing, hanging on shop fronts?”

In a survey of our readers, the most popular characters from Kid’s TV that they would like to see skinned and hanged were:

(1) Barney
(2) The Tweenies
(3) Jimmy Saville

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