Cats react to suggestion that they should “be more dog” by being more human


A new consumer research survey has revealed that cats are appalled by the suggestion that they should “be more dog” by choosing to mimic more human behaviours.

“My cat’s just like my boyfriend,” said one respondent. “When he gets ill he’s much easier to be around.  He just sort o takes himself off and sits quietly.  To be honest I prefer it.”

Another commented on how their cat is obsessed with watching football.  Although they seem to think that diving on the floor is what they’re meant to be doing.


Yellow card ref!

One comment by another cat owner claimed that their cat is really fussy with their food one week and then goes overload on the Whiskas and biscuits the following week.  “She’s just like me. I always have good intentions with my diet but we all need a treat at the weekend don’t we?”

“I love sunbathing,” stated another person, “and so does my cat.  You’ll always find me in my garden in my bikini on a hot day.  My neighbour’s dog just sits in the shade with it’s tongue hanging out though.  In fact so does my neighbour.”

It’s impossible to tell just now how far the cat craze for “being more human” will go.  But reports have been coming in of cats walking into rooms, forgetting what they went in there for, and leaving again. Experts predict that they will stop just short of trading in their nine lives for just one.


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