One more time…


Time based TV show Every Second Counts/24 [delete as appropriate] is returning for one final series.

“I’m going to do this one more time,”  quipped star of the show Paul Daniels/Kieffer Sutherland.  “After the last series I thought it was time to bow out. But as long as there’s an audience I’ll consider doing more.”

It’s been a long time since it has been called must watch event television, but in its hardcore fan base there is still a loyal following ready to tune in.

“I even got the Every Second Counts/24 board game back out of the loft only last Christmas,” one fan told us.  “It never gets old.”

Many put the show’s success down to the enduring appeal of the show’s frontrunner Paul Daniels/Jack Bauer and his catchphrase “we’re running out of time!”  But there has always been a strong supporting woman behind the main man and Debbie McGee/Chloe O’Brien will no doubt also hoping the programme returns for one last hurrah. 

Formulaic as the show is, everyone will want to see it go out with a bang. And if that involves Paul/Jack going off the rails and unleashing fury with his magic wand/gun, then it is unlikely the viewers will be disappointed.

Due to its popularity, producers are considering a remake of the series on the other side of the Atlantic with Kiefer Sutherland/Paul Daniels taking over in the lead role.


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