Bus driver confirms 10 quid is a sh*t load of cash

Fossgate Studios

Despite what economists would have us believe, ten pounds has now been confirmed by another expert faction – Bus Drivers – as “more money than [they] can handle.”

Bus Drivers everywhere are struggling to comprehend the excessive wealth of their passengers these days. As more and more members of the public try to pay with notes the ire of those receiving the cash is becoming all too obvious.

“The bourgeois decadence of these people is beyond belief,” said one driver I interviewed. “I mean they hand me over a ten pound note and expect me to do something with it. The cheeky bastards. If they’ve got so much money they should get a chauffeur. What do they think I’m doing here? Running a public service?!”

When I called into question the inflated fares these days and that you don’t get much change from a tenner, the challenge was dodged somewhat:…

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