We’ve written a song for #Eurovision

When we learnt this month that open submissions were being accepted for songs to represent the UK in Eurovision 2016, the opportunity was one we could not miss. Having released our debut feature film –Transatlantic Smash: A  Found-Footage musical – about a fictional duo called PMATL trying to enter the Eurovision Song contest and failing…the irony is not lost on us!  So we’ve written a tune called You Win Some, filmed a video for the submission, and made contact with the Eurovision powers that be.  We are going to release it on YouTube on 5th November; remember remember – performance was filmed round a bonfire.

But in the meantime we thought we’d share with you a sneak peek through a special behind the scenes Ramshackle World episode where we show you our writing and filming process.  Eurovision classic or throw it on the bonfire?  You decide.


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