Ramshackle#22 – I Can’t Really Be Arsed This Christmas

Brand new Christmas song for 2015.  Peter sings about how he can’t be bothered to wrap his gifts and gives a public service announcement: Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t rock out with your cock out this Christmas!

Don’t wanna wrap my gifts
Won’t somebody wrap my gifts
Cos I can’t really be arsed this Christmas,

Why don’t you use this paper, these gift tags and a bow,
Wrap these pants from me now there you go,

There’s far too much TV, I want to watch,
To have the time to wrap these toys and chocs.

Don’t wanna wrap my gifts for christmas
Or to give expensive prezzies away
Gonna wrap some tacky boring rubbish gifts for christmas,
Don’t get too excited on Christmas day

And now my gifts are wrapped,
In a 5p plastic bag,
Bought for extra from the local poundland,
The choice of gifts was naff
But let’s say I’ve had the last laugh
Cos I’ve still got lots of money in my hand,

I love to copy Scrooge at Christmas,
Gonna give some pirate CDs away
I’d sell my Uncle Jim for money yeah
Let’s be honest he’s a perv anyway

This is the Ramshackle World of Peter Marshall & The Lomos (PMATL).  Home of musical comedy duo Pete and Spencer Wheels.  If you like our songs or videos, please comment and share and we’d love you to subscribe to our channel.

Check out our musical comedy feature film Transatlantic Smash: https://youtu.be/h1aZOUAcx_8
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Watch our visit to Santa’s Grotto: https://youtu.be/pV7NCa9zV7U


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