Our response to Glitter Beards

Christmas 2015 – the year, the season for all hipsters to make their bushy beards glittery. Yes, inspired by those viral dudes who made their beards sparkly and covered in baubles, we thought we’d share our take on beard envy by showing you exactly how to make a glitter beard.

And especially for the festive period we’ve now made a playlist of all our Christmas videos.

This is the Ramshackle World of Peter Marshall & The Lomos (PMATL). Home of musical comedy duo Pete and Spencer Wheels and this is our seasonal take on on BEARD ENVY from Transatlantic Smash:https://youtu.be/Mh7Tk7Hdjlk

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Check out our musical comedy feature film Transatlantic Smash which is a found footage documentary about two wannabe musicians with actual beard envy: https://youtu.be/h1aZOUAcx_8


B – You’re so beautiful with your big black sparkly beard
E – I’m so envious of your glorious sparkly face
A – Ay? Is that some baubles in your beard?
R – Arrrr! I like pirates with glitter in their beards
D – Delicious, delightful, deep filled baubley beards

E – Eee by gum. I like some glittery fun
N – No, I’ve not got a glorious glittery beard
V – Velvety chops, that’s what I desire
Y – Why? Because I’ve got glittery beard envy yeah!

Patchy beard syndrome is what I got,
I wish I had more but I ain’t got a lot
My stubble is sparse, I’ve got more of this stuff on my arse,
I draw it on with an eyeliner pen,
They say “Pete you’ve been drawing on your beard again!”
I say “if it’s good enough for Craig David, it’s good enough for me,”
Cos I ain’t got no stubble, why can’t you see

I got gaps….yeah
He got gaps…


Your beard is better than mine,
This beard is better than mine,
His beard is better than mine,
Even Spencer’s beard is better than mine.

My beard is better than his.
And everybody’s beard is better than this!


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