Ramshackle#23 – The People’s Song

A song writing experiment we’ve tried at gigs before is handing the pen to the audience.  Literally.  We used to hand out flipchart paper and marker pens and ask that the audience doodle, scribble and document any random thoughts they have throughout the performance.  Then at the end, as an encore, we would collect up their meanderings and Pete would sing them over the top of some improvised accompaniment on the keys.  We we’ve also been known to hand out instruments, usually percussion, to the crowd (I use crowd in the loosest sense) for the fully immersive PMATL experience.

We call these one off compositions The People’s Song.

Well we thought we’d try a new experiment for the digital age.  We’re inviting you to send us tweet length ramblings via the medium of social media and we’ll try and incorporate them into a song next week and stick it up on the internet for your delight or dismay.

Here’s a little vid to elaborate:

So are you up for the challenge?  Tweet us @PMATLomos or alternative leave a YouTube comment or a comment on this blog post. Whatever your method of electronic communication we’ll try and musicify it.

And if you liked the first attempt, don’t be put off by the ramshackle nature of this outtake:


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