Feel Good Factory

“Whether you’re sitting in bath of beans” or “acting all cool like Steve McQueen” you’ve got to celebrate feeling good.  That’s the message that we, Peter Marshall and The Lomos, try to convey in every one of our performances. Why take life too seriously? Why even write a sentence as serious as “why take life to serious”? It’s too serious. Who do you think you are? The Joker?

Anyway, the Feel Good Factory became the name for the run of York shows we hosted as PMATL in 2011; a mix of comedy, music and cabaret.

It was also the vibe we took to the Edinburgh Fringe slots we played in the same year which is documented as part of Feel Good Factory: The Movie.  Yes that’s right, we couldn’t think of another title therefore Feel Good Factory is also the name for this 26 minute trip down Peter Marshall & The Lomos musical-comedy lane.  Consider this the director’s cut of our 6 years of pratting about on stage and indulge yourself. A nice bookend to hundreds of gigs, bags of songs, and a companion piece to the rest of the PMATL world.

Finally, to confirm that we’re not original when it comes to the naming things, Feel Good Factory became the name of the second PMATL album we released in 2012 to stream or download through Bandcamp.


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