Updated schedule: PMATL at York Fringe

Final confirmation of where you can catch us at the Great Yorkshire Fringe over the next few days:

Pedey PD is A Fish Out of Water

Our new short film, based on film noir and Catfish, starring Peter Marshall, Lucy Meredith and Nigel Walker and written by James Christopher and Spencer Vale, will be premiering at the Cinem@ Made in Yorkshire event – 12pm Tuesday 26th July – Teapot Tent – Parliament Street.

Selby Tony’s Friday Night

We’re hosting a night of music and entertainment at the Artsbarge Riverside Festival Tent – 8pm, near Clifford’s Tower.  We’ll be playing some classics and some new stuff in between the other acts.  See you there!

Get both of these events in your diary and scribble out anything else in there… (of course support the rest of the festival – we mean scribble out any wrong PMATL info you had in there… oh you knew what we meant!)

Let the Lomo love-in begin!


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