Pedey PD is A Fish Out Of Water

In 2004, following completion of the very first Fossgate Studios film York Comedy Festival, director and Fossgate Studios co-creator Jack Binks tried to drunkenly bully Spencer Vale into writing a noir set in York.  Fast forward 12 years and it seems fitting that (1) he finally got round to it, (2) it stars Peter Marshall, one of the performers in the original York Comedy Festival film and (3) it should premiere at York’s now resident comedy festival the Great Yorkshire Fringe.


History lesson over and personal coincidences aside, here’s what it’s all about:

Social media investigator Pedey PD is distracted from his search for serial killer – the Dogfish – when a sultry dame walks into his office looking for help. His investigations collide and lead him to unexpected conclusions.

Starring Peter Marshall, Lucy Meredith and Nigel Walker
Written by James Christopher and Spencer Vale
Directed and Produced by Spencer Vale
Music by Peter Marshall & The Lomos
A Fossgate Studios Film

Meet the characters:

Watch now:

The theme tune is also available on latest compilation: Boys on Film



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