Fossgate Studios

Fossgate Studios is a media production company based in York, UK that gave birth to Peter Marshall & The Lomos, The Yorkiverse and Transatlantic Smash.  But like all births it had a conception…

The brand was formed in 2004 by Spencer Vale and Jack Binks, production team behind a documentary about the 2nd annual York Comedy Festival.  During this festival, one of the acts Spencer followed as documentary subject matter was Peter Marshall.

Over the course of the year or so, Spencer and Peter collaborated musically as The Lomos which led to them forming comedy-pop duo Peter Marshall & The Lomos (PMATL) in 2009.  And their exploits over the forthcoming years are well documented in Fossgate Studios films: 24 Gigs In 24 Hours and Feel Good Factory.

In 2013, they began work on a feature film – Transatlantic Smash – in collaboration with Fixated On’s Steve Shooter.  This was the first of their Yorkiverse projects.  The Yorkiverse being the fictional setting for most of their stories and skits including Marshall of the Yorkiverse and Pedey PD.

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