MOTY#11 – Peter Meets James The Ghost

Skit written by and starring James Christopher

That Peter Marshall sure has met some interesting characters on his travels.  Ready for Halloween we’ve re-released Peter’s supernatural chat with a ghost. When Peter visited York’s most haunted pub, The Golden Fleece, to speak to its resident spook called James, he got more than he bargained for.

Continuing the legacy of the YouTube mini series is Marshall of the Yorkiverse: The Podcast.

Peter Marshall travels York and beyond to find its most famous and infamous characters; including Ousey Ousebourne, Guy Fawkes and his mate Dickie Turpentine.  In this series of interviews we discover what makes them stand out from the masses in the Universe sized village that is York.

You can find follow the series on Soundcloud, or copy the following rss feed into your podcast app of choice to subscribe:

As and when episodes are released we’ll also add them to a bandcamp album for all you completists out there.

You can watch the original youtube version here:


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