ALBUM – Decadent Dreams

I’ve been a little obsessed with retro tech of late.  I say of late.  I mean I’m always drawn in by retro tech, but even more so lately.  Call it a dose of post-Christmas continued nostalgia or we could lay it the door of nostalgic music and TV.  (Stranger Things on vinyl as a Chrimbo pressie – I’m looking at you!)  But I had a longing yesterday to dig out some of my old tunes.

I think it was about 5 years ago I had a similar nostalgic vibe and said on twitter that I was going to rerelease my old solo albums on Bandcamp.  Well it’s taken a while for me to get round to but I’ve got that feeling again and decided to go for it.

So Saturday morning I dug out my old Mini-disc player and box of mini-discs, stuck in my headphones and crossed my fingers.  Thankfully it still worked.  But unfortunately a lot of my oldest compositions weren’t on there.

Next stop, I had to find all the instrumentals I’d sequenced on my Technics back in the day and see if I could get the floppy disks to load.  No luck.  It just wasn’t having it; which is pretty sickening. At least of got most of the earliest stuff recorded on tapes but they’re not going to be restorable enough to release online I wouldn’t have thought.  If they’re good enough I’ll just have to recreate them in due course.

So what have I got on the minidiscs for now?  I’ve got 2 albums I originally released on CD and MP3 in the early noughties on Peoplesound (a now defunct music distribution service) and the scores for 2 musicals I wrote in the late 90s.

I’ll be remastering these gradually, but here’s the first one for you.  This is called Decadent Dreams and was released in early 2000.  I hope you enjoy it:


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