De-cluttering (once more with feeling)

I’ve spent most of the last few months wanting to spring clean. I suppose it’s only in the last few days it technically has become a ‘spring’ clean but I’ve done various charity shop runs, tip trips and even traded in stuff at second hand tech shops in recent weeks. I really hate clutter. But there’s one thing I find it quite difficult to part with and that’s music on physical media.

As per most people of my age bracket, the way I have digested music over the years has gone from Cassette to CD to Download to Streaming to Vinyl.  Weird isn’t it? From the most transient to the least transient. But also like a lot of people, it’s just not possible to consume all the music you’d like to get your mitts on in a vinyl format.  For a start it’s not exactly portable is it? So downloads and streaming still win out there. Plus vinyl is becoming increasingly more expensive as it continues to grow in popularity again.

Therefore I’ve resigned myself to seek out vinyl in the following circumstances:

(a) Bands seen live (that I really love)

(b) Amazing soundtracks

(c) Collectors items

(d) Cheap discoveries

I feel like I don’t need to buy everything on vinyl because it’s not always necessary. Vinyl should be about the experience; not just for the sake of owning it. (Mark Manson has written a couple of brilliant blogs about de-cluttering called ‘How to 80/20 Your Life‘ and ‘Minimalism’. You should read his stuff.  He’s great.)

For those times where you just want to play something random whilst you’re washing the dishes, you can’t beat Alexa.

Where does this leave CDs in my life? I’ve ripped all my collection years ago. And as bizarre as it sounds now, they look so much more dated sat on my shelves than vinyl records.

So why is it so hard to part with them?  This is such a first world problem I can’t believe I’m even typing it!

Anyway, I’m coming round to the fact that I should. And I think my approach will be to wein myself off them by filtering out anything that doesn’t meet the criteria of a, b and c of my vinyl buying method.  That will get rid of a lot of them.

As Harry Hill once said: “You’ve gotta have a system.”

What’s yours?


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