Return of Peter Capaldi and Dane Bowers

It’s been too long since the Andy and Spence era of the podcast hasn’t it SoH fans? Well we’re back! No longer the young whipper snappers that we used to be. A lot has changed in the world in the intervening years; although some things remain constant. Steps seem to have made another comeback and the world wonders who will become the next James Bond. This one’s a right nostalgia fest – but don’t worry, there’s more to come. We’re back alright!!!

On the 18th March me and my old radio presenting compadre, Andy Melladay, experimented with a new form of Internet broadcast. It’s over 8 years since we last did a podcast together, and over 17 years since we did our first university radio show under the moniker Soldiers of Hell. So from the technology extreme of AM radio in 1999 to the cutting edge of Internet broadcasting last night, we attempted to create a new station on


Anchor is such a new social media service you might not have even heard of it yet, so let me explain. Anchor is an app that let’s you create stations that other people can listen to over the Web. People can follow your station, “applaud” it as they listen to it, and even “dial in” using the app and you can choose whether you add their content into your station or not. You create content through the microphone on your phone or by uploading and clipping pre-recorded audio. It’s really easy and we fun it great fun to do.

The main difference between this and podcasting is that any content you create is only “live” on your station for 24 Hours and then it’s gone. So if Soundcloud is the audio equivalent of YouTube, then Anchor is more like the audio equivalent of Snapchat. And on that respect it makes it more like traditional radio in its temporary nature. No wonder the app declares itself as “radio, reinvented”.

If you missed the episode live then never fear, you can listen to it as a Soldiers of Hell episode podcast episode now: The return of Peter Capaldi and Dane Bowers


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