Spence and Co

Spence and Co is a station on the online radio platform Anchor where Spencer Vale chats to long term collaborators like Andrew Melladay, Peter Marshall and friends. It’s the first place you’ll hear new Soldiers of Hell podcasts and PMATL songs; as well as sketches and chats with other creative buddies.  Content will include music, comedy, pop culture discussion and sketches.

Anchor is an app that let’s you create radio stations or listen and engage with others. People can follow your station, “applaud” it as they listen to it, and even “dial in” using the app and you can choose whether you add their content into your station or not. You create content through the microphone on your phone or by uploading and clipping pre-recorded audio.  It’s really easy and it’s great fun to do.
The main difference between this and podcasting is that any content you create is only “live” on your station for 24 hours and then it’s gone. So if Soundcloud is the audio equivalent of YouTube, then Anchor is more like the audio equivalent of Snapchat. And in that respect it makes it more like traditional radio in its temporary nature. No wonder the app declares itself as “radio, reinvented”.

You can follow the Spence and Co Anchor station here.  Why not favourite us and applaud us whilst you’re at it… https://anchor.fm/s/9f5e70


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