Gaming Challenge


Last night the original line-up of The Lomos got together at Lomo 1’s house for a retro games night. To be honest it was just an excuse for us to get together and have a few beers. It was just as well really because Lomo 1 had lost the essential wires for his Mega Drive. It promoted a Goonies-esque hunt in the loft but unfortunately didn’t lead to the leads. Neither was it the catalyst for a big 80s style adventure involving pirates and treasure.

However it has prompted me to make a list of the games I’ve lost the most time to over the years for now good reason than I enjoy a good list. It might not be a treasure map but there’s a few gems in there. In no particular order:

Sonic – Mega Drive/Game Gear/Mega Drive Classics/X Box/Android/PC

Mario Kart – N64/Wii

Tetris – Atari/Game Boy/Android

Fifa – Mega Drive/N64/X Box/Wii/Android

River Raid – Atari/Android

Premier/Championship/Football Manager – Mega Drive/PC/Android

Candy Crush – Android

Quackshot – Mega Drive

Streets of Rage – Mega Drive/Game Gear

Need for Speed: Underground 2 – X Box

Micro Machines – Mega Drive

Worms – Mega Drive

Mega Bomberman – Mega Drive

Wii Fit – Wii

Wii Sports – Wii

Wii Sport Resort – Wii

Minesweeper – PC

F22 Interceptor – Mega Drive

Kaboom – Atari/Android

Pole Position – Atari

Normality – PC

PGA Tour Golf – Mega Drive

Doom – PC

QS Scramble – ZX81

California Games – Mega Drive

World Cup Italia 90 – Mega Drive

Agent Under Fire – X Box

Fantastic Soccer – Atari

The Living Daylights – Atari

Hardball! – Atari

BMX Simulator – Atari

Goldeneye – N64/Wii/PC

Something that my Soldiers of Hell podcast mucker, Andy, and I have in common is a love of retro computer games. Having jumped back on the podcasting wagon lately, and discussed that on our old radio show we used to do a challenge based feature called Andy’ll Fix It, it seemed as good a time as any to do a retro computer game challenge on the podcast. So in this latest episode we tackle Goldeneye (it had to be Bond didn’t it?) and Hotline Miami. Power up and give it a whirl…

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