Steps: The Escalator Shop


Hello lovely Soldiers of Hell listeners, we thought we ought to let you know this latest episode of the podcast with a public health warning. This download is a special omnibus edition of the complete Steps: The Escalator Shop sketches. In case you didn’t hear us talking about it last time, Steps: The Escalator Shop was a series that imagined what it would be like if the members of the UKs biggest ever mixed sex pop group (after All Stars and Scootch) retired from the music industry in order to run a shop selling…well…escalators. Yes, like all the best radio features, it was born out of a bad pun. Imagine if this was a show like the Tweenies, but whether the defining characteristics of the Tweenies was either being Welsh, being a robot, being a naïve toddler, adding the letter Y into the middle of words unnecessarily, or being a Roger Moore style cad. Now is your chance to bail out, but if you’re feeling brave enough you might get to hear a Shaggy cameo as your reward. Normal service will be resumed next week.



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