You’re a Bit Like Morrissey


People often ask us how we write PMATL songs. It’s usually like this. Lomo 2 plays a riff, Lomo 1 starts singing some words, Lomo 2 adds some words. Sillyness ensues.

And if we like any of what we improvise, Pete writes it down in his blue lyrics book.

Then we refine.

Well, yesterday shuffle on phone threw up a jam we had recently that I’d forgotten about completely and it made me chuckle; so I decided to share it with you.

Maybe one day we’ll turn it into a proper song, but in the meantime we thought it would be fun for you to see how our stupid ideas begin.  Most of our songs start like this.  Enjoy the case study of something in the making as Peter guests on the Soldiers of Hell podcast:




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