From Cooking to Darth Maul


2017-07-18 19.52.28


Our most popular episode ever gets a re-release with a brand new intro. Like an early episode of Doctor Who that you thought was lost forever. Well fear no more. Despite Spence’s over enthusiastic spring clean of the podcast, Darth Maul’s mask rises from the ashes like… well… like Darth Vader I suppose.

Enjoy like the thematic special edition that it is. Eat your heart out George Lucas!

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Darth Maul

Originally published 19th July 2017: Thanks to a pushy yard-sale lady, a cosplay mask and a mini squad, in this episode Andy and Spence resurrect the concept of committing people to the Soldiers of Hell ranks. We also learn about Andy’s cooking skills, and address unresolved issues from the ledger about movies we’d love to see on the big screen.


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