The History of The Yorkiverse

In special Marshall of The Yorkiverse episode, Peter take us through the history of this fair land we like to call the Yorkiverse.



As well as treating us to another episode of his TV Show to discuss himself and another famous Marshall:

After 16 years in the public eye, Marshall Mathers has finally revealed why he gave himself the pseudonym Eminem.

“I was just in the candy store one day, when I picked up this packet…” he started to say.  “…of M&Ms. They are crunchy and sweet, and they’ve got a good brand that’s funky and neat.  I should name myself after them.  Yes I’ll call myself Eminem.”


That was the rapped revelation heard by reporters attending yesterday’s press conference to launch his new album, Coke Zero Dealer.  One brave reporter probed further, mentioning that she’d always thought it was because the initials of his given name, Marshall Mathers, are MM.  At this point, Eminem slammed the reporter in true 8 Mile rap battle style.

“No they’re not my initials, my name’s Slim Shady.”
That makes them SS you weird looking lady!”

Not to be deterred this brave reporter proceeded to ask Eminem where he got the name Slim Shady from.  Aparently there was a typo in the lyrics of his debut single and he was meant to be called Slim Shandy after his favourite drink of diet lemonade and light beer.


When quizzed about his alleged coke addiction he claimed that “it’s not true. I like all types of soda.”

He then added: “All the best rappers are named after confectionery and soft drinks.”

Vanilla Ice Cream, Lipton Ice Tea and Dr Pepper were all unavailable for comment.


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