From 6-a-side Football to Gazza

Hi we’re Andy and Spence aka DJs Soldiers of Hell, and through our podcast we search for pop culture icons via the medium of hobbies and chat.

We’ve known each other since the turn of the millennium, so that’s a lot of shared experience, and a lot of words exchanged. But whatever we’ve done, or whatever we’ve talked about, you can guarantee it will lead us to back to the discussion of popular culture icons. Bond, Batman and Steps being the big hitters.

Whatever pastime or obsession we’re indulging in this month we’ll end up linking through to someone from the past or present of tv, film, theatre, music, gaming, books or art. It’s inevitable. Although usually who it is is someone unexpected. (Unless it’s Bond, Batman or Steps.)

If you like this podcast, we’re available on all the major apps like Stitcher, Tunein or Overcast. We’d really appreciate a review on iTunes. It makes a big difference to us. But we think the best way to enjoy the show is through Anchor. If you listen via that app there will be additional music throughout the show and you can call in and leave a message through the app that we can include in the episode.

So party like its 1999 and join us on another pointless quest and let’s see where we end up this.

With the Russia World Cup 2018 on, what better way to stay fit than take inspiration from people at the peak of their powers and pretend you were once good at football by taking up 6-a-side again. In this episode we learn what muscle Spence has pulled and why Andy won’t massage it. We also learn what past-time Andy will be taking part in to get his butt cheeks in shape.

Does Andy care more about Eurovision than the World Cup? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out – and why Gazza is our latest inductee into our hall of fame.

Inger-land, Inger-land, Inger-land, Inger-land na na.

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