Andy’ll Fix It



Another bonus episode here to keep you going over this long hot summer.  A little something to wet your appetite before the prequel palate cleanser next week, leading up to the main course of new format series 5 to be released next month.

Back in our old radio show days Spence used to set Andy challenges that he would have to complete via phone in. Think of it like a cross between Challenge Anneka and a remote Taskmaster with nobody to compete against by himself. Actually, as the theme tune to the feature suggests, it was more like You Bet which would be a lot more appropriate than comparing Andy to another sort of fix it person. We mean the unsavoury one; not Bob the Builder.

Anyway, in these two editions from the Soldiers of Hell Mini Disc Archive you can hear Andy try and put as many things on top of other things and fill in as many forms as he can get his hands on. But will he succeed? There’s only one way to find out.

And if you think you’ve seen the “Putting Things On Top of Other Things” challenge before, that’s because this original clip ended up inspiring a scene from Fossgate Studios film Transatlantic Smash.


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