Fake Spoilers


It’s been a massive week for pop culture. The culmination of 22 films and 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Endgame followed by The Battle of Winterfell which was the climatic fight between the living and the dead in Game of Thrones. But it’s difficult to do a spoiler free episode. So inspired by the prank we’ve been playing on our podcasting colleague and friend Dave Pritchett from the Geeky Guys, we decided to bombard you with ludicrous fake spoilers read by robots.  Yes you read the last bit correctly.

After that, we imagine what it would have been like if Spence had died in “The Snap” and Andy had to do a radio show on his own back in 2001.  (Yes we can use time travel too if the Avengers can.)

So laugh along with us in this latest episode of the Soldiers of Hell.

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